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Carpet Cleaning


5 star rating
“We purchased a foreclosure recently. The carpets looked ok but after Ray was done they looked fabulous. I had someone ask me yesterday if we put in new carpet! The house smelled great, not like awful chemicals which is important for my kiddos and puppy dog. So impressed!”

Trisha O


Excellent Service


5 star rating
“Ray and his team at Delight Cleaning did an amazing job on my carpets. He worked with my schedule and arrived on time. My carpets look brand new. He even followed up with me to make sure I was 100% satisfied, which I am. I highly recommend this company.”

Rochelle Barcellona


great work on our home


5 star rating
“We purchased a home in Folsom that needed some TLC. The Delight Cleaning team came out and did a wondeful job for us. Our home sparkles and our carpets look brand new. Thanks!!!”

June Petterson


Carpet Cleaning / House Cleaning / Tile Floor


5 star rating
“I have used Delight Cleaning for almost 4 years. I have been very satisfied with their work. Ray follows up with me each time to ensure that I am happy with the work and did I have any special needs for the next visit. Great customer service. I highly recommend Delight Cleaning!”



Ray and Delight Cleaning


5 star rating
“I had Ray clean my whole house carpets 5 months ago when I moved into a home. I was so pleased with his promptness and courtesy. The carpets looked absolutely wonderful. Recently, my son-in-law stopped by for a visit and unfortunately tracked motor grease onto the carpet and the area rug in the family room. I called Ray for help. He arrived on time, and very quickly removed all of the grease and stains. The carpets look like new again. Ray has been very courteous and thorough and I appreciate the services he has provided for me. I will continue to use Delight Cleaning for any future cleaning needs.”

Pamela Pisarczyk

“Delight Cleaning is definitely a delight to work with!

“I called for carpet cleaning and they were very thorough at answering my questions and even customized my carpet cleaning to meet my needs. On the day of cleaning they were very prompt and professional. It is a wonderfully courteous and personalized service. And I love the cleaning tips they send me. I will surely use them for any future cleaning needs.”

Sharon Bollum

Oh yeah…we’re Delighted!

“I am going to spend this morning discovering all the places where I can write reviews on Delight Cleaning and Ray LaPointe’s team. I have NEVER been SO Delighted about the quality, service and outcome of the clean that I wanted to tell everyone who has a floor about Delight Cleaning. I’ve been a homeowner for nearly 30 years. I have had my carpets cleaned dozens of times and I have been disappointed most every one of them. Usually I just tell myself that my expectations were unrealistic or too high. Some spots just won’t come out… Those traffic lanes are never going to come clean… I listened to a presentation by Ray LaPointe of Delight Cleaning. He talked about the science of cleaning carpets and the expectations homeowners should have when they have their carpets cleaned (in a nutshell- he said they should expect most spots to come out and the carpets to BE clean). He talked about the Green cleaning products his company chose and why they are better for my home AND his team. It wasn’t a sales pitch. He didn’t sound like a salesman. He sounded like someone who invested more in education than advertising to create a company that would stand out from the pack because they care enough to be better in every way. I knew I wanted to give Delight Cleaning a try. I really wanted to see if he could rescue my carpeting before things got any worse. My only fear was that his services were probably more than I could afford. So I swallowed hard and asked him for an estimate. DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE #1: His prices are totally great! DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE #2: He showed up with a TEAM. I couldn’t believe my eyes. One person went straight to work pre-vacuuming; another went from room to room prespotting… They had a system! One had the responsibility of edge cleaning! (What?? Cleaning all the way to the edges?!) While Ray cleaned another guided the hose to protect my walls and keep things moving. The other stood ready to RAKE up the carpet pile to leave it looking it’s very best. DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE #3: My carpet is BEAUTIFUL again. My husband and I walked from room to room completely impressed and… Delighted. It’s been about a month since and NO RECURRING SPOTS people! NONE. DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE #4: They have a maintenance program so I will always know who to call when something happens to my carpet BETWEEN the big cleans. DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE #5: Ray sends out Newsletters that are filled with great tips on cleaning and protecting the investments we’ve made in our carpet, stone and tile so I can finally have what I want most…. a way to keep my home beautiful without the constant guesswork of what products to use… DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE #6: Ray’s in it for the long term. His business model is designed for customer satisfaction and loyalty. And wouldn’t you just know that only a month after Delighting in our beautiful carpet, someone (who wouldn’t confess) dropped what appears to be an entire Big Gulp of soda on the carpet! No worries… I knew just who to call. He’ll be here tomorrow and I KNOW he’s going to bring it back to beautiful for me again. Thank you Ray! You’re amazing.”


Carpet Cleaning

“Very nice job. The carpets look new. Even the stairs.”


Happy with carpet and sofa

“Ray was on time, super courteous and did a great job. Our rug and sofas look like new. He was even able to work with my crazy schedule. Thanks!!!”


Barbara Goldberg
Rating: 10.0000
carpet cleaning +

“I can’t rave enough about the service provided by Ray at Delight Cleaning. I had some terrible carpet stains created by a very sick dog who left her mark over a period of several weeks. Ray charged a very reasonable amount to begin with, and when the stains resurfaced, he came back and didn’t charge extra, and when they came back a third time, he pulled up the carpet, vacuumed the debris that was under some of the furniture, even changed the belt on my vacuum cleaner, dried the mat underneath and worked on the carpet again and STILL wouldn’t let me pay him for his time. He was helpful, pleasant, and I highly recommend Delight Cleaning to anyone who needs this service.”


Judy Flora
Rating: 10.0000

“Hi Ray, I just want to thank you again for coming by today and cleaning spots I never thought could be removed (e.g. coffee stains). The carpet looks great and your hard work shows! I would recommend your services to my neighbors, friends, and family. Thanks again, Judy Flora in Fair Oaks”

Rating: 10.0000
I am delighted with Delight Cleaning, Fair Oaks

I actually look forward to Wednesdays knowing that by noontime my house will be sparkling clean. My hardwood floors are shiny and my furniture is dust free. I am delighted with Delight Cleaning.

Rating: 10.0000
Carpet Cleaning, Folsom

I want to send an email and thank you for coming over to the house to do carpet cleaning. As soon as I walked in the door I was extermely amazed with how well the carpet looked after you came by. It is Beautiful!!!!
You did an outstanding job!!! Thank you again for your wonderful services!


Rating: 10.0000
Good Carpet Cleaner in Folsom

If you are looking for a good carpet cleaner in Folsom, I would strongly recommend Delight Cleaning. Ray and his team has been cleaning our home in Folsom for years.
He took time to explain the products that were being used and does a great job.
The carpet always looks great; the carpet dries fast and the price is right. Thanks Ray.

Rating: 10.0000

Very Impressed!!!

We hired Delight Cleaning to do some regular weekly cleaning and after the first visit, we were more than impressed.
The house looks and smells so clean. Great job!

Rating: 10.0000


I’m settled in to my new home now, and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the thorough job you and your staff did! Even the shower vent upstairs, the louvered closet doors, I haven’t seen a spec of dirt after you left.
Thanks again, I’m very happy.

Rating: 10.0000

Good cleaning team

Ray and his team have been providing us with wonderful cleaning for over almost two years. We think they do a great job and pay attention to detail. We have recommended Delight Cleaning to many of our friends.

Rating: 10.0000


Thank you Delight Cleaning for doing an excellent job for my client. The house looks great and the client was very happy. Also thank you for responding so quickly. I will recommend you to others in our office!


House Cleaning

We have been using Delight Cleaning for about a year and we are very happy. Our house always smells so clean when we come home. They do a great job and they do good follow-up.

Rebecca St. Clair
Rating: 10.0000

Carpet Cleaning

My carpet is 20 some years old and after having Ray clean it, my girlfriend asked me if I had gotten new carpet. I was quoted a reasonable price and provided with excellent service. Ray is a very friendly person and was nice to my 4 year old son, who kept asking him questions and getting in his way. I would definitely recommend his services and will call him back if I even need house cleaning again. Thanks Ray!

Sue V.
Rating: 10

Thank You so much

I just wanted to followup and give my full recommendations for Delight Cleaning. They were prompt and very thorough and did exactly what they promised. My cleaning job was a “move out” and had to be completely done including wiping down the cupboards inside and out and they even put an extra finishing layer on the floors that I wanted and provided for them to use. Thank you so much.

Kim V.
Rating: 9

Great Job!

I hired Ray for carpet cleaning services. He did a fantastic job with a good price. Ray was on time and very professional. The carpet cleaning was amazing however I must say to have someone call you the next day following up on their service was appreciated. I am glad to see there are companies out there that do what they say they are going to do as well as the excellent customer service and follow up. I recommend Delight Cleaning.

Stephanie Chandler
Rating: 10

I am beyond impressed with Ray and Delight Cleaning. My carpets look like they are brand new and he even got out the stains I thought would be there forever. The price was excellent and the service (which you don’t find often these days) far exceeded my expectations. I’m telling everyone I know about Delight Cleaning!

J. Scott Coatsworth
Rating: 10
Great guys

Ray and Delight Cleaning take great care of us. We’ve been with them for several months now, and they always arrive on time, do a great job, and charge a reasonable rate. And the owner, Ray, checks in on a regular basis to make sure we are happy with their service and that everything is getting done to our satisfaction. We happily recommend Delight to all of our neighbors.

Kathy Jones
Rating: 10
Pet Odor / Fair Oaks

My miniature poodle became a diabetic and lost control while we got his insulin adjusted. As a result there was a definite urine odor that I had been trying to eliminate for two years with multiple cleaning companies. Along came Ray to the rescue. He was on time, efficient and very pleasant to work with. More important the aroma was gone after one application. He followed up to make sure his work was effective. It was. Months later the aroma has stayed away. He even left product in case my dog made another mistake. I now recommend Ray and Delight Cleaning to everyone.

Michelle DeLore
Rating: 10 Folsom

Ray did an awesome job cleaning our carpets that had pet stains and spills. The carpets look and feel great and the stains are gone! Ray also checked back with us to be sure we were satisfied. Great service!

Liz Reed-Yoakum
Rating: 9

Delight Cleaning has been very dependable and thorough. I have hired them to clean a few rentals and they have always done a thorough job and made sure that the clients were satisfied with the job done. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10 is because I think that the cost maybe a little high but then getting the job done and getting it done right may be worth it. I certainly will continue to recommend them as I am a realtor and their services are very important to me and to be able to give them out to clients. Thank you for your great attitude and support of your community.

Kammy Burleson
Rating: 10
Incredible Value, Amazing Work / Fair Oaks

The thoroughness of the cleaning and the affordable rates you get from Delight Cleaning is incredible. No one has ever gotten my shower glass as clean, no company has ever followed up so much to make sure my expectations were being met and exceeded. I also appreciate the efficient way the team does the job. Thanks Ray for all your help!

Jennifer Blackburn
Rating: 10
Whole house carpet cleaning / Fair Oaks

Ray did a fantastic job! My kids came home from school and they said, “It looks like new carpet!! It smells like it too!” I am very pleased and would recommend Delight Cleaning to everyone!

Betty Jensen
Rating: 10
cleaning sofa bed / Auburn

I had wasted money on 4 guaranteed self-cleaning products after my cat urinated on our sofa bed. I thought I would have to spend more money on getting it dumped, & then replacing it. I saw a Delight Cleaning ad in the Pet Yellow Pages while I was waiting in the veterinarian’s office. Ray completely removed the odor in one visit.

Tara Farrell
Rating: 10
carpet cleaning / Citrus Heights

very impressed with the job that was done. I had a high traffic area that was very dirty and now my carpets look new!

Lola Purdy
Rating: 10
Folsom carpet cleaning service

Delight Cleaning  was recommended to me by a friend who does extensive home staging in the area. Ray did a very professional job from beginning to end – he was always on time, thorough, and made sure the work was done to completion. He followed up to ensure satisfaction. He is also a good businessman – he knows that referrals matter and it is certainly easy to refer him to others.

Britt Lewis
Rating: 10 / Folsom

Hire them if you want the best! Ray and his team are truly the best around. They are professional, timely, and 100% reliable. I highly recommend them.

Amy Evans-Farmer
Rating: 10 / Citrus Heights

Incredible!! Our office carpets and upholstery needed serious help, and now the place looks spotless! Ray did an amazing job, and the office not only looks incredible, but smells great too! I would highly recommend Delight Cleaning for any home or business.

Janelle Taylor
Rating: 10
excellent service / Folsom

I would 100% recomend Delight Cleaning. I met Ray himself and was very impressed with his customer service, speed and quality of his work. I will definitly use them again!!

Kimberley Lewis
Rating: 10 / Sacramento

Delight Cleaning does it right! Working around my busy schedule was no problem for Delight Cleaning! Their mission was to remove a very stubborn mystery stain and some spilled wax from my carpet. Did they deliver as promised? Yes! I found the owner, Ray, to be a very courteous, skilled professional, and quite willing to answer my many carpet care questions. I also liked the immediate follow up that I received. I will definitely use them again and again. You’ve got my seal of approval!

Sherry Aquino
Rating: 10
Carpet Cleaning / Folsom

Ray was AWESOME! This is the only company I have ever found that guarantees against pet odors! I will continue to use Delight Cleaning, and you should too. I really appreciated his follow-up to see how satisfied I was. The quality of the work was excellent.

Linda Priseler
Rating: 10
Delight Cleaning is a Delight! / Rancho Murieta

Ray has been to my home in Rancho Murieta several times and, because of him, my newest pup still has a home. Ray has always been on time, courteous, helpful, and professional. He will continue to be my “#1 Carpet Cleaner”.

Rating: 10
Professional Job / Sacramento

Delight Cleaners did a great job. They were on time, courteous, did a thorough and efficient job, and followed up to see if we were happy with the results. I would highly recommend them.

Rating: 10
Best Job EVER / Sacramento

I have had Ray come to clean my puppies “stains” twice, because he is the best! His chemicals are safe for the enironment and for my pets. Not to mention he guarantees his work! This is the only company I have ever found that guarantees against pet odors! I will continue to use Delight Cleaning, and you should too.

Alexa Bluth
Rating: 10 / Sacramento

Delight was exactly as promised; a delight! With a baby starting to crawl around the house, I needed clean, safe carpets without harsh chemicals. Ray, Delight’s owner, delivered in a big way. He worked around our schedules (naps and all), was friendly, courteous, prompt and went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied. He moved everything out himself (saving me the headache of prepping) and put it back exactly as it was. He even charmed our misbehaving dog. I will use Delight again without a doubt.

Delight Cleaning: Outstanding Service, Outstanding Results