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Declutter Your Kitchen In One Week

Just the thought of decluttering, organizing and/or cleaning an entire house can be very overwhelming for some people. But if you take small steps and do little tasks each day, you can make some big changes in your home. Over the next couple weeks and months we are teaming up with Caroline over at Three to a […]

Top 10 DIY essential oils for cleaning + safe to use around pets, babies and children

Top 10 DIY essential oils for cleaning and are safe to use around pets, babies and children As parents, you want to strive for the healthiest environment for your little one to play, live and sleep.   As you decided to ditch harsh chemicals in your home and move to more eco-safe and green products, we […]

Take care of yourself and your family this holiday season

Getting sick around the holidays is no fun for anyone. Did you know that Elderberry Syrup is a healthy homeopathic remedy to help fight against colds and flu. Plus you can make it at home and save money. Stay healthy this season!

For home yogis who spend long sitting hours, a few very feasible yoga poses for the health of the lower back… Have a relaxing weekend!

Adriene leads a Yoga sequence For Lower Back Pain – offering you the tools to assist in healing and preventive care.

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