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Happy Valentine’s Day! Do something loving for your pets and the planet.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, have you thought about the importance of having your carpet cleaned with eco-safe cleaning products. Delight Cleaning use pet-safe and child-safe cleaning products to take care of your carpet cleaning needs. We feel it is important to help you maintain a clean & healthy home, while being responsible for our impact […]

Are you in need of some floor care tips: 4 Steps to keep your floors looking beautiful

Carpets, Hardwood, Natural Stone, Tile, we all have one or some combination of these surfaces covering our homes. Dirt, soil and debris are the largest predators damaging these surfaces. Sand, dirt and tiny pebbles wear carpet fibers thin and can scratch hardwood and natural stone. Here are 4 steps to help keep your floors looking […]

Now Accepting Visa and Master Card

I’m excited to let all of Delight Cleaning’s raving fans (and potential raving fans!) know that we now accept credit and debit cards from Visa® and Master Card®.  I know, I know…welcome to the modern world!  But let me tell you, trying to navigate the world of merchant bankcard is not for the faint of heart.  […]

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