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Time passes quickly enough. Here are 4 tips in maintaining a healthy home

Doesn’t it seem that with each passing year, we get busier and busier. The to-d0 list has gotten longer and we have more demands on our time. As chidren go in and out of schoor or day care, it is important to keep in mind the potential for germs – there is nothing like a sick day to derail that to-do list! Here are a few simple steps to ensure that you maintain a clean and healthy home.

1) Use Sanitizers – I realize there are some controversies in regards to anti-bacterial products, however sometimes adequate hand washing facilites are not available. The next best thing may be hand sanitzer. In addition when cleaning hands, dishers or sheets the hotter the water, the better.

2) Beware the Public Restrooms – We all find ourselves in a public restroom from time to time. It is important to remember that everyone doesn’t care about cleanliness as much as we do. Try to touch as few things as possible in the restroom. If you are carrying a bag or purse, trying using hooks instead of placing your items on the floor. Also try using a paper towel to touch things like the faucet or the door handles. It may look silly, but it will keep you healthier.

3) Zap that Sponge! – Most people use some sort of kitchen sponge. These sponges are great for getting food off of dishes and for cleaning up the stove or countertop. The problem is that a wet sponge + food particles = a breeding ground for bacteria and germs!

As reported in U.S. news & World Report, the University of Florida tested zapping a kitchen sponge in the microwave between 30-120 seconds and found that it inactivated nearly 100% of bateria found in the sponge. For most households, 30 seonds is adequate enough time to kill bacteria.

Important rules to remember about the microwave:

  • Never place any metallic object in the microwave
  • Always soak the sponge in water prior to placing it in the microwave
  • All items that have been microwaved can be extremely hot, especially a wet sponge!

4) Let Delight Cleaning take care of your cleaning maintenance!

From deep carpet cleaning to removing pet stains from your area rugs, we have the experience to help you maintain a clean and healthy home. Plus having a company that specialzing in green cleaning products, eco-safe cleaning procedures and one that cares about ensuring that all of your surfaces will not only be cleaned, but safe for children and safe for pets is important.

Questions from a busy mom: The painless way, to maintain stainless steel appliances

Jen from Rocklin writes, “When it comes to cleaning stainless steel, what do I do???  Some people say use soap and water; some people say use vinegar and other people say use rubbing alcohol. I really don’t like the smell of vinegar and rubbing alcohol used close to my stove scares me. Please help!”

Although most stainless steel appliances used in our homes are durable, some are very susceptible to scratches when cleaned improperly.  As cleaning professionals, we have put together a video to give instructions on cleaning your stainless steel. Please visit our YouTube channel and watch our How To Video on Cleaning Stainless Steel:

Additional Facts about Stainless Steel:

  • Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy, which makes it tough and durable.

  • There is a hard oxide coating that protects it from rusting and makes it pretty, however it also makes it a magnet for finger prints.

  • Stainless steel contains percentages of chromium and sometimes nickel, that can change the look and characteristics.

  • Because of its easy ability to clean and sterilize, stainless steel is the first choice for hospitals, restaurants, kitchens and other food processing facilities.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do something loving for your pets and the planet.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, have you thought about the importance of having your carpet cleaned with eco-safe cleaning products. Delight Cleaning use pet-safe and child-safe cleaning products to take care of your carpet cleaning needs. We feel it is important to help you maintain a clean & healthy home, while being responsible for our impact on the planet.

Happy Birthday to Us! Thank you for helping us celebrate 23 years!

It’s been a joy to help each and everyone of you maintain a clean and healthy home.

Thank You, to all of our wonderful clients, friends and family who have supported us through out years.

Celebrating 23 year of taking care of your cleaning needs.

Thank you!

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all the brave men and women who serve and who have served in our nation’s armed forces.

Delight Cleaning wants to say thank you to all of our veterans!

We thank each and every one of you!



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