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Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all the brave men and women who serve and who have served in our nation’s armed forces.

Delight Cleaning wants to say thank you to all of our veterans!

We thank each and every one of you!



Are you in need of some floor care tips: 4 Steps to keep your floors looking beautiful

Carpet Cleaning with green cleaning products

Carpets, Hardwood, Natural Stone, Tile, we all have one or some combination of these surfaces covering our homes.

Dirt, soil and debris are the largest predators damaging these surfaces. Sand, dirt and tiny pebbles wear carpet fibers thin and can scratch hardwood and natural stone. Here are 4 steps to help keep your floors looking beautiful and lasting longer.

Step 1-Doormats

Having a doormat at all doors that enter your home and another right inside of your door is our best recommendation. These help trap loose dirt, soil and debris from shoes before it can make it’s way onto your floors or into your carpet’s fibers. We also suggest placing rugs or mats in your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. Any place in your home where you’re washing your hands or working with water should have a rug or absorbant mat. Spilled or sprinkled liquid that lands on floors can be easily tracked throughout the home which can cause damage.

Step 2- Buy a good vacuum

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on “the top of the line” vacuum, just be sure your vacuum has good airlift, which is the fancy term for suction. For carpets you want an upright vacuum that also has a good beater brush (the part that spins on the bottom of the vacuum). This will remove the majority of particles from your carpet. If your vacuum has micron filtration or HEPA filtration this will also help eliminate dust particles from returning into your home, which will improve your indoor air quality. Cannister vacuums are better for hardwood, tile and natural stone floors, which require a non-moving brush attachment.

Step 3-Choose Good Cleaning Products

Not only do you want something that is safe for your environment, but it is extremely important to use surface specific products. Use a wood cleaner for wood; tile cleaning for tile and natural stone cleaner for natural stone. There’s no such thing as a “do-it-all product”.  You need a specially formulated cleaner for hardwood floors as well as a non acid-based product that is safe to use on your natural stone. Additionally, you need a safe, yet heavy-duty cleaner for your tile floors.

Some people use vinegar and water to clean their tile and/or hardwood floors, which is great. However, vinegar is acidic in nature and acidic products can degrade the appearance of your natural stone floors. Also be careful of “wood-like” floors. Excessive moisture can damage the epoxy (glue) that holds the laminate flooring down.

Step 4-Professional Cleaning

Have your carpets, area rugs, tile and natural stone flooring professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Even with all the fabulous products on the market, nothing beats the power of a professional carpet-cleaning or tile-cleaning machine. Establishing a professioanl maintenance cleaning plan for your home will help you maintain a clean and healthy home all year and will protect the beauty of your floors.

Delight Cleaning offers a 12-month, 6-month and 3-month cleaning maintenance plan for carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and natural stone cleaning. Plus, having a company that specializing in green cleaning products, eco-safe cleaning procedures and cares about ensuring that all of your surfaces will be note only clean, but safe for children and safe for pets.

Back Sliders

Back Sliders 

Human's being Human. Delight Cleaning is more than just cleaning

Back sliding bear

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Love that this advertisement by Kaiser really touches on the human in all of us!

Want to do some Stress-free Holiday Cleaning + Help Fight Ovarian Cancer?

Since 1995, the National Ovarian
Cancer Coalition (NOCC) has been on a mission to raise awareness and promote education about ovarian cancer. Weiman is proud to support the NOCC and its commitment to women with ovarian cancer.

Help Weiman Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer!

All women are at risk for ovarian cancer. Early detection increases survival rate.
For more information or for any questions regarding ovarian cancer, talk to your doctor or contact NOCC directly –

Fall Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it – when it comes to deep cleaning, Spring gets all of the glory.   But Fall is also an excellent time to get your home into tip-top shape.  Here are a few tips to get your Fall deep cleaning underway.

Plan Ahead.  It’s hard to hide dirty carpets.  Put your best foot forward and schedule to have your carpets cleaned in advance while the weather is still nice – and BEFORE holiday madness hits.  The lack of humidity and low temperatures can increase drying time.  Rainy and cold?  Don’t let bad weather stand in the way of a clean carpets.  Just ask for our DC Turbo Drying Bonus.  This will speed your drying time to just a few hours.

Go with the Flow.  October is a great time to reverse the flow of your ceiling fan.  This enables the warm air to circulate around the room and not just stay at the top of the ceiling.  While making this change, it’s also a good time to dust off the blades and lights.

Make it to the Top.  Most of us clean the inside and front of our refrigerators on a regular basis, but what about the top?  Because most refrigerators are almost six feet tall, most people can’t see the top.  This is a prime location for dust and grime to settle.  It’s also important to periodically vacuum both behind your refrigerator and the vents located at the bottom.  Not only does this help your refrigerator run more efficiently, but it also improves your indoor air quality.

Fall Back.  Sunday November 1st (at 2 a.m.) is the end of Daylight Saving Time.  Take advantage of this and change the batteries in your smoke/ carbon monoxide detectors.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.  Schedule to have your chimney cleaned prior to heavy fireplace use.  Make sure your fireplace screen and/or glass is free from debris and smoke build-up.  Excess build-up on either of these items can be a safety concern.  Take your screens out to the driveway and give them a good scrub with a nylon brush and some soapy water.  For the fireplace glass, most can be cleaned with glass cleaner.  If you need to do a little more scrubbing, I recommend Method’s non-toxic Le Scrub - this helps with removing the smoke, but will not scratch the glass.

Clean Your Filter.  Always make sure your dryer lint filter is cleaned after each use.  Towels or linens can especially create more lint build-up.  In addition, make sure you dryer exhaust tube is clean.  The filter catches as much as it can, but particles can also travel through the exhaust vent leading to the outside of your home.

Clean Your Filter. Again!  Replace or clean your air conditioner or furnace filter.  This is often located on your ceiling.

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